Posted by: bluesyemre | September 6, 2019

Australian #photographer #SeanScott captures amazing shot of two #sharks caught inside a glassy wave


Australian photographer Sean Scott spends much of his time surrounded by the clear blue ocean. In his vibrant images, he reflects the beauty of the landscape and the creatures that inhabit it. One of his most memorable pictures was snapped a couple of years ago. It showcases the great power of waves and how they can envelop any creature, no matter how big or small. The image features two sharks inside of a large ocean wave. With their tails facing towards us, the duo is battling the current head on. The force of the water, coupled with their fervent swimming, appears to freeze them in time.

The day that Scott happened upon the two sharks, he was shooting photos at Red Bluff, a remote surf spot about 14 hours north of Perth. He was focused on a big school of fish when he saw dark shapes swimming around a black bait ball. Realizing they were sharks, Scott quickly set up his equipment and shot this amazing image. Afterward, he flew his drone over this spot in the ocean and saw that the duo was far from alone—there were over 200 sharks at feeding time.

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