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The Cities with the highest cost of living in 2019

cost of living

In the 25th addition of Mercer’s ranking for the cost of living for cities, Hong Kong again took the first place spot, continuing the trend of Asian cities as being the most expensive places to live for foreign workers.

The factors determining the cost of living in this edition are food, housing, living and personal care expenses, alcohol and tobacco, clothing, housing maintenance, public services, transportation, recreation, and entertainment.

Check out the ranking of the top 10 most expensive cities in the world for cost of living and the top 5 most expensive by region: North America, South America, Asia, Pacific, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

World Ranking:

  1. Hong Kong
  2. Tokyo
  3. Singapore
  4. Seoul
  5. Zurich
  6. Shanghai
  7. Ashgabat
  8. Beijing
  9. New York
  10. Shenzhen

Top 5 by region:

North America

  1. New York, USA. World Ranking (9)
  2. San Francisco, USA. World Ranking  (36)
  3. Los Angeles, USA. World Ranking  (18)
  4. Chicago, USA. World Ranking  (37)
  5. Honolulu, USA. World Ranking (38)

South America

  1. Montevideo, Uruguay. World Ranking (70)
  2. San Juan, Puerto Rico. World Ranking (72)
  3. Santiago, Chile. World Ranking (79)
  4. Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago. World Ranking (83)
  5. Sao Paulo, Brazil. World Ranking (86)


  1. Hong Kong. World Ranking (1)
  2. Tokyo, Japan. World Ranking (2)
  3. Singapore. World Ranking (3)
  4. Seoul, South Korea. World Ranking (4)
  5. Shanghai, China. World Ranking (6)


  1. Noumea, New Caledonia. World Ranking (29)
  2. Sydney, Australia. World Ranking (50)
  3. Melbourne, Australia. World Ranking (79)
  4. Perth, Australia. World Ranking (87)
  5. Auckland, New Zealand. World Ranking (89)

Eastern Europe

  1. Moscow, Russia. World Ranking (27)
  2. Saint Petersburg, Russia. World Ranking (75)
  3. Prague, Czech Republic. World Ranking (97)
  4. Riga, Latvia. World Ranking (111)
  5. Bratislava, Slovakia. World Ranking (131)

Western Europe

  1. Zurich, Switzerland. World Ranking (5)
  2. Bern, Switzerland. World Ranking (12)
  3. Geneva, Switzerland. World Ranking (13)
  4. Copenhagen, Denmark. World Ranking (20)
  5. London, England. World Ranking (23)

Middle East and Africa

  1. N’ Djamena, Chad. World Ranking (11)
  2. Victoria, Seychelles. World Ranking(14)
  3. Tel Aviv, Israel. World Ranking(15)
  4. Dubai, United Arab Emirates. World Ranking (21)
  5. Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo. World Ranking (22)

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