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The most impressive hikes – including the longest walk in the world by #Lufthansa

Coasting along

With beaches and cliffs, wind and waves, coastal trails offer an unrivaled opportunity to experience nature at the intersection of land and water. Join us on some of the most impressive hikes – including the longest walk in the world.

Coasting along


Unique encounters – in the shape of koalas, kangaroos and penguins  – await hikers on the 100-kilometer trail along Australia’s south coast. Nature’s drama unfolds at every step of the eight-day trek, from ­fragrant eucalyptus forests to ­stunning Pacific panoramas.

Coasting along

Coasting along


The West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island is recommended only for experienced hikers, as much of the 75-­kilometer path is steep, slippery and muddy. Ancient rain forest, sunbathing sea lions and campfires beneath the stars richly reward the exertions of all who attempt the trail.

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It may only be 44 kilometers long, but this up-and-down trail, which also comes with a chest-deep ford you have to cross with your backpack on your head, takes five days. But don’t be put off; think of the jungle scenery, meadows and stunning views you’d miss! The trail is part of the Garden Route along the Indian Ocean.

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Albania’s Mediterranean coast is still wonderfully untouched by human hand. Apart from the odd monastery or alpine hut, there’s nothing here but nature. The overgrown trails are unmarked, but there’s no missing the secluded coves on the Ionian Coast.

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Once it is fully completed in 2020, the Coast Path all around England will be 4500 km, making it the world’s longest coastal footpath. Walkers can already enjoy the bracing wind and amazing views along the southwestern section, extending from the chalk cliffs of Devon to romantic Cornwall.

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From Travemünde to Ahlbeck: The 400-kilometer Baltic Sea Coast Hiking Trail heads east from northern Germany across the Fischland-Darss-Zingst Peninsula. Fall spectacle: around 60 000 migrating cranes in the Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft National Park.

Coasting along

Coasting along


The Mediterranean coast around Marseille in France is famous for its steep limestone inlets and cliffs (Calanques) that tower up to 300 meters high. The views from the 23-kilometer GR 98-51 route are fantastic – but even surpassed by those from some side trails with exposed mule paths.

Coasting along

1 Great Ocean Walk, Australia

2 West Coast Trail, Canada

3 Otter Trail, South Africa

4 Albanian Riviera, Albania

5 Ostseeküstenwanderweg, Germany

6 Les Calanques, France

7 South West Coast Path, England

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