Posted by: bluesyemre | October 3, 2019

#Tenere (A #Documentary Film produced and directed by #HasanSöylemez)




Tenere is about the true story of African people who are setting off on a journey from Agadez of Niger trying to reach Libya and Europe crossing the desert. We are witnessing the difficult journey of Bashir from Agadez and his fellowmen that lasts for days on a truck which reminds us of Noah’s Arc. We see their preparations before the journey, their relationships with their families, how they struggle with dire conditions of the rough terrain, thirst and the difficulties they encounter during the journey and the emotional transformation they experience.

Tenere is the name of the region where they make this journey in the Sahara desert. It is an area of approximately 400,000 km². Tuareg dilinde “Çöllerin Çölü” anlamına geliyor. It means “Desert of the Deserts” in Touareg language. The region is so desolate and full of nothing that the distance between the closest trees is at least 400 km. The distance between two water wells is 200 km. This is a region which will turn the idea of a desert upside down. It resembles an ocean. An ocean in the form of sand…

It takes 10 to 15 days for a truck to reach from Agadez to Libya. Some of the locals and migrants trying to cross the desert either get lost or cannot move any further due to a breakdown in their vehicle and die of thirst. In the last three years, more than 20,000 people have been rescued in the region who were about to die of thirst. No one knows the actual death toll. To die of thirst and to get lost are not the only hazards, there are also the bandits. They confiscate the vehicles that they get hold of and rob the passengers, sometimes they even kill them. In the film, Tenere, we watch it from inside, moreover we experience the film as a passanger doing the journey, not from outside. There is no pre-prepared text, actor or a narrator in the film. Everything is real.


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