Posted by: bluesyemre | October 15, 2019

Global 50 The World Ranking of the #Publishing Industry 2019

Global 50

The “Global 50” World Ranking of the Publishing Industry 2019 is book publishing’s most important and widely read business resource!

The Global 50 brings critical information and analysis on today’s leading, worldwide publishing companies. It covers consumer book, educational, academic, and professional publishing ventures, each with a detailed portrait highlighting each company’s history, key data, and recent company developments.

An initiative by the French publishing trade magazine Livres Hebdo, the Global 50 is co-published by Bookdao (PR China), buchreport (Germany), Publishers Weekly (USA) and PublishNews (Brazil), and has been researched by Ruediger Wischenbart Content and Consulting.

For the first time, the full version of the Global 50 report is made available for free to any publishing professional around the world, thanks to the support of these sponsors:
C&C Offset Printing – knk Publishing – DiTechBook Process Solutions – Lapiz Digital Services.

Global 50 The World Ranking of the Publishing Industry 2019

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