Posted by: bluesyemre | October 17, 2019

Brand Advocacy Report by GlobalWebIndex (GWI)

brand advocacy

When reading this report, please note that we use a mixture of global data, and data specific to the U.S. and UK. We typically use global data to analyze the brand advocacy landscape across demographics, regions and countries, and use data specific to the U.S. and UK to understand advocacy in regards to specific industries. GlobalWebIndex’s research and methodology, including information on our country coverage, internet penetration rates, our sample structures, and much more. Throughout this report we refer to indexes. Indexes are used to compare any given group against the average (1.00), which unless otherwise stated refers to the global average. For example, an index of “1.20” means that a given group is 20% above the global average, and an index of “0.80” means that an audience is 20% below the global average.

Brand Advocacy Report

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