Posted by: bluesyemre | October 18, 2019

#Climbing and #paragliding the #Villarrica, Chile’s most active #volcano


Flying a wingsuit over an active volcano has long been a dream for Roberta Mancino. After years of training, she embarked on a mission to Chile’s Villarrica stratovolcano to fly through the sulfur-infused smoke that pours from its crater. Villarrica proved to be the place where this dream came true. Watch as Roberta jumps from a helicopter at 15,000ft and flies her wingsuit through the volcanic smoke and turbulence above one of South America’s highest active volcanoes. Filmer: Sebastian Alvarez

At 2:30 am on my last day of this Chile trip my older brother and I started the climb towards the summit the 10,000 foot tall iconic cylindrical volcano outside of Pucon. With a bit of luck, conditions lined up just enough to launch off the East side of the crater and actually soar the rim of one of the World’s most active volcanos. This was truly a flight of a life time and one of those moments when you don’t know if you’re awake or stuck in a dream.

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