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How #Libraries can turn energy into action @RauhaMaarno


It is well-known that libraries have always been a stronghold of information and resource within their communities, a place to go for answers to questions and to attain personal development.

For these reasons many people have come to love and become passionate about libraries and the importance they have to people, communities and societies.

But can these advocates of libraries be transformed into a super-strength which libraries can look to for help and support.

In this week’s blog we talk with the Director of the Finnish Library Association, Rauha Maarno to have her discuss her perspective on how libraries’ and library associations can turn the love of libraries into actionable energy.

How to turn energy into action?

At the Finnish Library Association, we work to achieve better libraries. We want people to love, cherish and use their library.

Working in a non-profit organization is first of all about channeling energy. A large amount of the FLA’s work is done by volunteers or partners. That really boosts up the volume of work we can achieve. This kind of volunteering, networking and leadership is useful in many different organizations.

Usually people just love their libraries. At the association we strive to turn this love into action. We need politicians to understand the value of what the library does and stands for, and to invest in libraries because of this.

We need to continue to develop the profession and inspire professionals to work even better for literate and civilized societies.

Action Steps

The steps discussed by Rauha are great reminder to involve and accept support from a passionate library community. The above five points are great ways to begin turning people’s energy into action to help and grow the library.

Whether delving deeper into social media, giving inspirational talks, or starting a vlog; maintaining a steady stream of relevant content is always going to attract the interest of people. People will be more involved in an event, entity or initiative the more they feel they understand and can relate with that thing.

Once you have their attention, let the energy that comes from their passion, direct itself into all the amazing creative outlets which the library is fully equipped to cultivate.

Rauha Maarno

Rauha Maarno

Director at Finnish Library Association

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