Posted by: bluesyemre | November 29, 2019

#Mindfulness for #Researchers (A useful resource for reducing stress, increase focus and productivity in the laboratory)


Scientific research is a stressful business. Pressure to deliver results, shortage of funds and the competitive nature of the field take their toll on a researcher’s peace of mind which in turn affects their performance and results. Therefore, it’s important to take control over your life by becoming more aware of your thoughts and being in charge of them using mindfulness.

In this webinar, Researcher Academy provides a step-by-step approach for introducing the powerful practice of mindfulness to the everyday routine of a scientist. You will familiarize yourself with the basics of mindfulness including its strong scientific foundation and measurable benefits. You’ll learn the success stories of companies and universities who have implemented the practice. Most importantly, the module will leave you with the basic instructions to build your own stable routine.

Learn to train your mind towards better stress management and how to efficiently deal with stress.

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