Posted by: bluesyemre | December 12, 2019

#EvgenyGrinko (composer and music supervisor) @EvgenyGrinko


Evgeny became acquainted with music early in his childhood through fairytales and soundtracks to films about The Three Musketeers. His first and strongest influence came at the age of 16 when he was introduced to both punk music and a group of surf rock musicians, and Evgeny began to learn the guitar and start his own rock band. Two years later, he became interested in percussion and started playing noisy rock music in a number of avant-garde groups in the style of noise rock, psychedelia and experimental electronica.

In 2008, Evgeny Grinko toured Russia, including accompanying “Can” ex-vocalist Damo Suzuki and American minimalist composer Rhys Chatham during their concerts in Russia.

In 2010, during a break from noisy rock concerts, the “Valse” (Waltz) composition was written, while on January 1, 2011, Evgeny Grinko’s first solo mini album for the piano “Winter Sunshine” was released. Also in 2011, the films “Generation P” (directed by Victor Ginzburg) and “Shapito-shou” ( by Sergey Loban) were released and contained music by Evgeny.

In 2014, Evgeny released his third album “Ice For Aureliano Buendia”. The album included the hit song “Valse” and the composition “Serenade”.

Since 2014, Evgeny lives in a small house in the forest – having moved away from the city to find peace and quiet – where he continues to write new compositions and makes music for documentary films.

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