Posted by: bluesyemre | February 16, 2020

The Global AI (#ArtificialIntelligence) Index





The first index to benchmark nations on their level of investment, innovation and implementation of artificial intelligence.

Bracing for impact

Artificial intelligence is poised to transform the way we work, learn and live.

Across the globe, businesses, governments and the public at large are already having to adapt to the rapid development of these technologies.

The Global AI Index analyses how 54 countries are driving and adapting to AI’s accelerating development through three pillars; investment, innovation and implementation.

Our methodology

The Global AI Index is underpinned by over 100 indicators split across seven sub-pillars: Talent, Infrastructure, Operating Environment, Research, Development, Government Strategy and Commercial Ventures. Each indicator pillar was weighted for importance after consultation with experts across the field.

The Talent sub-pillar focuses on the availability of skilled practitioners for the provision of artificial intelligence solutions.

The Infrastructure sub-pillar focuses on the reliability and scale of access infrastructure, from electricity and internet, to super computing capabilities.

The Operating Environment sub-pillar focuses on the regulatory context, and public opinion surrounding artificial intelligence.

The Research sub-pillar focuses on the extent of specialist research and researchers; investigating the amount of publications and citations in credible academic journals.

The Development sub-pillar focuses on the development of fundamental platforms and algorithms upon which innovative artificial intelligence projects rely.

The Commercial Ventures sub-pillar focuses on the level of startup activity, investment and business initiatives based on artificial intelligence.

The Government Spending sub-pillar focuses on the depth of commitment from national government to artificial intelligence; investigating spending commitments and national strategies.

Read our methodology report, including our full indicator table.

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