Posted by: bluesyemre | February 17, 2020

Going Global – Expanding Offshore Wind To Emerging Markets

going global

ESMAP is a partnership between the World Bank and 21 development partners and private non-profits to help low- and middle-income countries reduce poverty and boost prosperity through environmentally sustainable energy solutions. ESMAP’s analytical and advisory services are fully integrated into the World Bank Group’s strategies, country financing and policy dialogue in the energy sector, through which it works to accelerate the energy transition required to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 7 and the Paris Agreement targets.

This report was prepared by staff and consultants at The World Bank and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and was funded by ESMAP. The lead author was Alastair Dutton (Consultant, ESMAP/The World Bank), supported by Charlene Sullivan (Research Officer, IFC), Elizabeth Minchew (Consultant, IFC), Oliver Knight (Senior Energy Specialist, ESMAP/The World Bank), and Sean Whittaker (Senior Industry Specialist, IFC). The GIS analysis and mapping were carried out by Clara Ivanescu (Geographer, The World Bank) and Rachel Fox (Consultant, ESMAP/The World Bank). The report was edited and designed by Shepherd, Inc., under the supervision of Marjorie K. Araya (Production Editor, ESMAP/The World Bank).

Going Global – Expanding Offshore Wind To Emerging Markets

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