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#Norway (powered by nature)

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Our travel from beautiful Norway and Sweden. We used GoPro Hero 4, DJI Phantom, FeiyuTech gimbal and Sony 6000. We went there in August 2017.

10 000 km by car in 22 days 🙂

All videos are made by us. Do not copy them without my permission. All rights reserved.

This is a travel guide to Norway showing the top 10 places you must see if you’re visiting. These tips are from the perspective of a photographer, but the places are perfectly fine to visit if you’re a regular traveller as well.

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel around in Norway almost contently for the past few years as a time-lapse photographer. That has given me extensive knowledge of what Norway has to offer, also outside the most touristic places. This list includes some true hidden gems you might not have heard of before.

Norway is a fantastic country, and this list could’ve been much, much longer. But these are my favorites, and I’m sure you’ll love them too.

The full list:
1. Senja
1. Varangerhalvøya
1. Femundsmarka
4. Loenvatnet
5. Valdres
6. Hardanger
7. Helgeland
8. Lofoten
9. Nærøyfjorden
10. Jettegrytene i Nissedal

From its majestic mountains and famous fjords to its modern yet picturesque cities, Norway is simply one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Picture-perfect landscapes beg to be explored by foot, car, bike or boat. Whether taking in the breathtaking wonder of the northern lights or the summer sun glistening on a massive glacier, Norway is a great adventure in any season. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in Norway.

Brought my DJI Phantom 3 Pro on a 4 day roadtrip to western Norway. The video starts in Ustaoset close to Geilo moving on to some famous places starting with Vøringsfossen, Trolltunga, Preikestolen and Kjeragbolten. In total this was a 60km walk. All places were filmed at a time of day with very little people to not disturb too many.

Music: Immersive Music – Epic Flight

The best shots from my trip in the northern islands: Faroe Islands, Lofoten Islands & Senja (Norway). Enjoy aerial views of gorgeous locations: Vagar, Tindholmur, Kalsoy, Tjornuvik, Henningsvaer, Nusfjord, Reine, Hamnoy, Sakrisoy, Segla…

Shot in 4K with a drone (DJI Mavic Pro & Mavic 2 Zoom) and a Fujifilm XT20.

Instagram: @gaetanpiolot

Music: Cody Martin – Intimate Rise

The Trollstigen (Trolls’ ladder) Mountain Road is one of Norway’s most dramatic and most visited attractions. The historic Trollstigen road, with its 11 hairpin bends, was opened in 1936,
Trollstigen has a steep incline of 9 percent and consists of 11 hairpin bends up a steep mountainside. Encircling the road are lofty mountains. Names such as Kongen (the King), Dronningen (the Queen) and Bispen(the Bishop) confirm their majesty.

Driving Trollstigen in a thunderstorm.

Dronefilm from a hike in July 2017, Music made by Kim Kaasa👍 TimeLapse made with Sony A6300.

A few months ago one of my best friends says, “Hey, flights to Norway are really inexpensive. You guys want to go?” After pondering this for 15 seconds I said yes. From there friends were added, an additional flight to the arctic circle area of the Lofoten Islands was planned and many cameras were packed in bags. Here you will find 3 minutes distilled from over six and a half hours of real-time footage I took. I couldn’t stop filming. It was one of the most epic trips of my life. The most beautiful place I have been on this planet so far. We got back less than a week ago. Even though I’m jet lagged still, I knew I had to get this out there right away. So hope you enjoy! If you haven’t been, go. If you have been, you know. Hopefully this inspires you to get out and travel more! And to all my amazing friends that made the trip what it was: Where’s next??

This is the full version of my latest trip in Norway 2017 May .
All the footage are captured by MAVIC PRO.

The 3 amazing rocks in Norway are incredibly gorgeous.
The day i hang on Trolltunga was the most scary moment in my x-game life. but it is worth although it was so harsh to carry heavy gear to there without equipment support to walk up in the snow.

Norway must be the bucket list of all hikers.

This is a video of our latest trip in Norway! This trip was one of the best we have ever made and Norway is for sure one of the most beautiful if not the most beautiful country we have ever visited!!! Check the Following video with some of our trip highlights such as the most famous Norvegian fjords, Hiking in Preikestolen, Trolltunga, Kjerajbolten, Skagefla farm Geirangerfjord and many many more… Enjoy!!!

The mountain road to lysebotn Norway known as the Eagles nest road.

The drone video “Kjerag from the air” is made by 17 year old Simen Haughom from Norway. Now the video has been viewed over 200 million times on different Facebook pages.

With its imposing mountains, endless plateaus and echoing valleys, Norway is a country where nature takes the lead. Using time-lapse, this film attempts to capture the ebb and flow of the seasons and is a result of one year of planning, a second year of shooting and four months of editing.

20,000 kilometers have been travelled, 200,000 photos taken and 20 terabytes worth of hard drives filled. Months have been spent hiking through the mountains, sleeping in tents and travelling through the entire country hunting for the best locations.

SEASONS of NORWAY is shot and edited by Morten Rustad. The video is available in up to 8K resolution (7680*4320 letterboxed).

LOFOTEN – Beauty of Norway | 4K Timelapse

In September 2017 I spent one week in northern Norway and created my Timelapse short film “LOFOTEN – Beauty Of Norway”. All scenes were filmed on the Lofoten Islands and on Senja. The whole Project consists of more than 25.000 pictures.

*** 2017 Floatwithme Music Production ***
Under creative commons
Film: Beautiful Lofoten Norway Arctic Circle AERIAL DRONE 4K VIDEO Composed by Floatwithme
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Thank you so much Stefan for letting me compose my music under your amazing experience into Norway Lofoten, it’s beautiful nature and great quality 4K video. For more information about Stefan Zimmermann follow his outstanding quality videos and give him the support he deserves:

Norway Solo Road Trip – March-April 2017.

Norway at its best. Enjoy the epic Lofoten and excuse minor image fails 🙂

I´am Stefan.
My passion is to collect as many as possible great moments in life. Some of them you will find here.
I love to travel, meet people from all around the world and explore our world with its fascinating places.

Enjoy 🙂

Drone-video from the famous rock in Norway.

Amazing view of different famous viewpoints in Norway
View from: Trollstigen, Trollveggen, Geiranger, Vøringsfossen, Galdhøpiggen, Odda, Låtefossen and Preikestolen

Norway 4K Cinematic video 2017. Shot using the Panasonic Lumix GH5 & DJI Mavic Pro.

Our week road trip through Norway. Shot by the famous swing in the small village of Trandal

ALL my own footage.
Filmed by: Alex Atherton and Harry Stevens
Edited by: Alex Atherton

A throwback to last year, summer of 2016, wandering along the Geirangerfjord.

Tools of the trade: P4, Osmo
Music: Kai Engel
Cinematic/editing and camera: L. Haugom
Gwiazda: A. Kwasniak

17 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Norway

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