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The oldest company that is still in business in (almost) every country (#infographic)


Where Are the Oldest Companies in Existence?

In just a few decades, it’s possible that some of today’s most recognized companies may no longer be household names.

Corporate longevity, or the average lifespan of a company, has been shrinking dramatically.

In the 1960s, a typical S&P 500 company was projected to last for more than 60 years. However, with the rapidly transforming business landscape today, it’s down to just 18 years.

The Companies With the Strongest Staying Power

Even with companies skewing younger, there are always exceptions to the rule.

Luckily, many companies around the world have stood the test of time, and today’s detailed map from Business Financing highlights the oldest company in existence in each country.

For centuries, here are the world’s oldest corporations which have made their mark:

Year Company Name Country Industry
578 Kongō Gumi Co., Ltd. Japan Construction
803 St.  Peter Stifts Kulinarium Austria Service Industry (Restaurant)
862 Staffelter Hof Germany Distillers, Vintners, & Breweries (Winery)
864 Monnaie de Paris France Manufacturing & Production (Mint)
886 The Royal Mint England Manufacturing & Production (Mint)
900 Sean’s Bar Ireland Service Industry (Pub)
1040 Pontificia Fonderia Marinelli Italy Manufacturing & Production (Bell foundry)
1074 Affligem Brewery Belgium Distillers, Vintners, & Breweries
1135 Munke Mølle Denmark Manufacturing & Production (Flour Mill)
1153 Ma Yu Ching’s Bucket Chicken House China Service Industry (Restaurant)

Whether they were born out of necessity to support a rapidly growing population—requiring new infrastructure and more money circulation—or simply to satisfy peoples’ thirst for alcohol or hunger for fried chicken, these companies continue to play a lasting role.

The Oldest Company in Every Country, by Region

Let’s dive into the regional maps, which paint a different picture for each continent.

In the following maps, countries are color-coded based on the major industry that the oldest company falls under:

  • Primary: Natural resources
  • Secondary: Manufacturing and processing
  • Tertiary: Services and distribution
  • Quaternary: Knowledge and information

Notes on Methodology:

This research considers both state-run and independent businesses in their definitions. For countries where data was hard to pin down, they have been grayed out.

As well, since many countries have a relatively new inception, present-day names and borders have been used. The map does not factor in older companies that are no longer in operation, or if it was unclear whether they were still open.

Click here to explore the full research methodology.

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