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The Frankfurt Magazine German Stories 2020 (A Whitepaper by #FrankfurterBuchmesse #FrankfurtBookFair)

The FM

Dear readers,

The title of our cover illustration – created by the artist Christoph Niemann – is ‘Premiere’. It shows people watching a blank screen, while at the same time turning us all into onlookers. The blank screen fittingly serves as the title box of this magazine putting our themes under the spotlight. It is also in keeping with our piece on film adaptation ‘A Book is a Film is a Game – German Stories on Screen’ – and the fact that books are increasingly forming the basis for films, scripts, TV productions and series, or indeed games. Looking at the cover illustration from a different point of view, I find myself wondering: are we merely onlookers? Are we passively waiting for something to happen in these times of enormous change and alarming political developments? Or do we want to make an impact and actively deal with those changes and challenges? The frankfurt magazine features some of the challenging issues we face today – and as such, they are of course also reflected in publishers’ agendas. As we are just coming through the warmest winter ever in Europe, the article ‘The Future Starts Here – Anthropocene: the Age of Human Influence on Nature and the Climate’ highlights boks on global warming. And ‘The Wall and the Wende –Stories Between East and West’ explores books on the fall of the Berlin Wall, written 30 years or so after that event – in a political climate marked by the rise of a new and frightening right-wing party in Germany.

Luchterhand Verlag is the home of some of the most striking new literary voices from Germany. In conversation with publisher Regina Kammerer, Frankfurter Buchmesse director Juergen Boos talks about finding and nurturing talent. Asked what she has always wanted to say about Germany, Georgian-born author Nino Haratischwili tells of the seventeen years she has spent in the country, becoming both more Georgian and more German year by year. Artist Christoph Niemann, born in 1970, tells stories with a (humorous) twist through his art. He first became famous in the 1990s, and his work has appeared on the covers of The New Yorker, NYT Magazine, The New York Times, and in Germany’s Zeit Magazin. He returned to Germany in 2011 and has lived there ever since. Christoph Niemann is also the author of many books, and his artwork is exhibited in museums and galleries across Europe. I hope you enjoy our latest issue of the Frankfurt magazine.

Bärbel Becker

The Frankfurt Magazine German Stories 2020

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