Posted by: bluesyemre | April 2, 2020

#Coronavirus Research (April 2020 Series 4: Media Consumption and Sport) by #GlobalWebIndex

coronavirus research

As the coronavirus outbreak continues, more and more communities, industries, and businesses are feeling its effects. Staying informed at this time is crucial.

At GlobalWebIndex, we’re tracking these effects across different sectors through a focused content series. In this whitepaper, we’re releasing our fourth series dataset, collected between March 25-30th in the U.S. and UK, dedicated to media, news consumption, and sport.

In this research we explore consumers’ media consumption habits during the outbreak of coronavirus. We dig deeper into what media people are consuming more of (and plan to continue after the crisis ends), what sources of information they find most trustworthy generally and on social media, what they want to see more of in news coverage, their willingness to pay for trustworthy information, and what they expect from sports leagues at this time.

We’ll be following this with further releases, exploring the impact of Coronavirus on purchase behaviors, economic confidence, work behaviors and practices, and healthcare.

GWI coronavirus findings April 2020 – Media Consumption (Release 4)

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