Posted by: bluesyemre | April 12, 2020

Health on the Shelf: #Health and Wellbeing in #PublicLibraries in #Scotland

Health on the shelf

The Scottish Library and Information Council has published a new report examining the heath & wellbeing offer available in Scotland’s public libraries.

Health on the Shelf looks at the current health & wellbeing offer with the aim of enabling library services to better demonstrate the valuable role they play in supporting the public managing their own health.

SLIC appointed Consultant Dr Alyson Tyler to investigate health related activity taking place in public libraries throughout Scotland. As well as conducting a literature review and key stakeholder interviews Dr Tyler also examined the importance of the library as a trusted place, the views of the public and the financial benefits of library use.

The report goes on to highlight best practice throughout the country and recommendations for the future.

SLIC CEO Pamela Tulloch explained: “Our Health on the Shelf report provides a rich overview of self-management activity in public libraries in Scotland and the difference this makes to communities.

“All Scottish public library services participated in the research for this extensive report, making Health on the Shelf insights far-reaching and significant.

“The report is able to demonstrate the impact the public library health offer has and what’s more, provide recommendations for the future. It is a key piece of research which highlights the detrimental impact removal of these services would have.”

Health on the Shelf

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