Posted by: bluesyemre | April 13, 2020

The #COVID‐19 (#Coronavirus) #Pandemic: Reflections on the Roles of #Librarians and Information Professionals

cov 19

This Regular Feature explores the role of health science librarians in the coronavirus pandemic. COVID‐19 has spread rapidly all over the world. All major cities around the globe are in lockdown. In Pakistan the first case was diagnosed on 26 Feb 2020 and currently there are more than 1500 diagnosed cases and 12 deaths. Across the country there are a further 12,000 suspected cases. This will undoubtedly increase if precautionary measures are not taken. Pakistani universities, colleges and schools were in lockdown. The role of university librarians in this emergency included raising awareness through public health education, providing support to medical staff, researchers and providing ongoing, traditional services to regular library patrons in Pakistan. The Regular Feature also provides links to useful resources.

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