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#EricClapton and Friends – A Tribute to #GingerBaker 17 February 2020, London

MESSAGE: Have you ones filmed or recorded a show with Eric Clapton, but since forgotten all about it? Please consider to share it now. Time is passing, and some unique recordings might already be lost forever. The goal of the Slowhand Archive Project is to ensure rare recordings and films with Eric Clapton, are unearthed and shared for free with fellow music fans, before they are lost forever. We will help digitize, remaster and share with respect for your work and efforts recording the show. If you have filmed or recorded a show with EC, please get in touch on this email address: contact[@] This is a true global fan project, made by Eric Clapton fans for Eric Clapton fans. The videos have received a revolving text-logo in the lower right corner making life for bootleggers and dishonest copycats, as hard as possible. Enjoy! Date: 17 February 2020 Venue: Eventim Apollo Hammersmith London United Kingdom “A Tribute To Ginger Baker”


  • 00:00:00 01. Introduction movie
  • 00:04:24 02. Sunshine of Your Love – with Roger Waters
  • 00:10:50 03. Strange Brew – with Roger Waters
  • 00:16:05 04. White Room – with Ronnie Wood, Kenney Jones and Roger Waters
  • 00:22.50 05. I Feel Free – with Nile Rodgers, Willie Weeks and Paul Carrack
  • 00:26:25 06. Tales Of Brave Ulysses – with Nile Rodgers and Willie Weeks
  • 00:31:24 07. Sweet Wine – with Will Johns and Paul Carrack
  • 00:36:19 08. Blue Condition
  • 00:42:43 09. Badge – with Ronnie Wood and Henry Spinetti
  • 00:49:36 10. Pressed Rat – with Kofi Baker
  • 00:54:45 11. Had To Cry Today – with Steve Winwood, Kofi Baker and Nile Rodgers
  • 01:02:25 12. Presence Of The Lord – with Steve Winwood, Kofi Baker and Nile Rodgers
  • 01:08:12 13. Well Alright – with Steve Winwood, Kofi Baker and Nile Rodgers
  • 01:13:42 14. Can’t Find My Way Home – with Steve Winwood, Kofi Baker and Nile Rodgers
  • 01:19:20 15. Do What You Like / Toad – with Steve Winwood, Kofi Baker and Nile Rodgers
  • 01:32:15 16. Crossroads – Everyone including Roger Waters on cowbell
  • 01:40:00 17. Outro including Nile Rodgers trying to encorage 2nd encore

Note about this release: This SAP release was made possible by a large group of friends and fans from all over the world; A true global fan project. The multicam video contains private footage from 8 different tapers living in Japan, Russia, Hungary, Israel, Denmark, United Kingdom and USA . All tapers have graciously donated their original raw files in HD and lossless quality.

All thanks goes to András, B461, Banfi Bill, Daspyknows, Dirk, Dror, ecFan, JazzT, Leonid, X and Z.

Eric Clapton announced the event on 25 November 2019 in aid of Leonard Cheshire, a charity close to the Baker family. The entire weekend in mid February 2020 will forever stand clear in the minds of a lot of people, all flying in to watch history in the making and having a very memorable time together. The concert was all about friends – past and present, on stage and off stage. This release is a tribute to friends. The friends joining EC at the Hammersmith. The friends of Ginger Baker and the Leonard Cheshire charity chosen by his family. Friends within the global EC fan community – and friends helping making this SAP release possible during very tough times. For friends. The audio track is a remixed matrix of several available private audio sources, including the best from Daspyknows. The quality and craftsmanship showcased that night, speaks for itself. As Ginger Baker says: “It’s all about the music”. You can support the Leonard Cheshire charity here


  • Eric Clapton – guitar / vocals
  • Paul Carrack – organ / keyboards / vocals
  • Chris Stainton – keyboards
  • Sonny Emory – drums
  • Steve Gadd – drums
  • Willie Weeks – bass
  • Katie Kissoon – vocals
  • Sharon White – vocals

Special Guests:

  • Steve Winwood
  • Roger Waters
  • Nile Rodgers
  • Ronnie Wood
  • Kofi Baker
  • Kenney Jones
  • Henry Spinetti
  • Will Johns

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