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#Bookfinity (#Ingram debuts #Book recommendation technology)

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With millions of titles available, it’s sometimes hard for booklovers to choose the next “great read.” But BookfinityTM is making that discovery process both fun and easy and in the process, aiming to expand book discoverability, bolster book sales and get more great books in the hands of readers.

Readers simply go online and take a quick quiz that will help them discover their “reader type.” From there, they will receive customized book recommendations. Unlike other online tools that make recommendations based on genres, the Bookfinity technology goes much deeper – providing insightful recommendations that cut across genres and styles based on a reader’s overall personality, interests and reading behavior.

When booklovers find a book they want to try, they can easily be connected with the industry’s leading book retailers, including that serves independent booksellers.

“Our mission is to connect readers around the world with books they’ll love. Bookfinity is our latest effort in that quest. During this unprecedented time, it has become difficult for readers to pop into their favorite, local bookstore, or library. We hope Bookfinity gives readers an outlet to discover more titles and order online from their favorite retailer to support them in this challenging time,” said Brian McKinley, Ingram Content Group’s Vice President of Marketing. “The world is reading and the big idea here is to make it easy and fun for readers to discover the books they will love.”

At a reader’s first step is to discover their Reader Type. Bookfinity finds their ‘type’ through a short quiz that learns more about the them through their interests, hobbies, and lifestyle preferences. Readers are matched with their Reader Type, and from there title discoverability is endless. Through propriety technology and metadata, Bookfinity is able to generate personalized title recommendations that readers can rate on a “Like it or Lose it” scale that will further customize their book list. Wondering what Reader Type you might fall into? There are nearly 20 Reader Types including the subject matter expert, beach reader, trendsetter, woke up like this, young at heart, cool mom/dad, spiritual seeker, lifelong learner, world traveler, game day hero, mountain climber, dissenter, and time traveler – just to name a few.

Bookfinity is one of many innovations from Ingram that helps connect readers and books with an eye to helping the industry expand book discoverability and leverage technology to drive book sales.

“Ingram has always been at the forefront of helping the book industry use technology to drive book sales. We’re excited about the newest frontier in that mission – putting technology to work for consumers,” said Kim Schutte, Ingram’s Director of Consumer Marketing. “Bookfinity will not only help readers discover their next great read, but also help the industry get more books into the hands of readers.”

Take the quiz and discover your Reader Type at

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