Posted by: bluesyemre | April 22, 2020

Meet the skeleton who is watching over the #UNLV Library



For years, Mandy the Skeleton has helped UNLV students in Lied Library prepare for anatomy and physiology exams. But Mandy has a lot of free time on his hands since the COVID-19 pandemic sent the campus into a remote instruction mode. Here’s a peek at how he’s spending his days, following social distancing guidelines and wearing a mask out in public, as he waits for campus to re-open and students to return.

While the UNLV campus is closed because of coronavirus concerns, nobody is using the Lied Library — save for one dutiful skeleton.

As part of a humorous photo essay, Aaron Mayes, the curator for visual materials at UNLV’s Special Collections and Archives, staged pictures of Mandy the Skeleton patrolling the school’s library.

When classes are in session, Mandy is on loan for students to prepare for anatomy and physiology exams.

Mayes says that a colleague suggested he put Mandy to work for a photo essay on the university website.

“It started with a list of poses. Then I started looking at the shelves of books thinking, ‘What would a skeleton read?’ It ended with him taking a photocopy of his backside,” Mayes says. “I think maybe I went overboard.”

For the past several weeks, Mayes has been chronicling the coronavirus’ effects on Las Vegas by photographing barren stretches of the Strip and downtown areas.

“It’s hard to see our town that way,” Mayes says. “That photo essay had a lot of interest. But it’s also nice to see something light-hearted.”

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