Posted by: bluesyemre | April 23, 2020

#JoStarkey (Contemporary floral art, landscapes and trees)


I am originally from the East Midlands, where I spent a happy childhood growing up in a country village on the outskirts of Nottingham. From an early age, I had a keen interest in the arts, and I spent my secondary school years training to be a dancer, by earning a place at a stage school in Surrey, where I was a boarder. However, my career as a dancer was not meant to be as my love for painting eventually overtook my desire to be a dancer, and became my number one passion. I decided to hang up my ballet shoes when I was 16, and focus on my journey to become an artist.

After completing art college in Nottingham, I then moved to London. Initially, for the first few years, I had to juggle my art with working in the city, and slowly forged my career as an artist by exhibiting and selling through local and national galleries. My career as an artist has also been interspersed with travelling and having children. I now live in Sussex and work from my studio in Ditchling, as detailed below, where I have been established for many years.

As a nature lover, I try to depict the essence of nature and its magic, into my paintings. I predominently paint on silk, which when applied with a batik effect, creates a great backdrop. I use mixed media on silk, which is mounted on board, and acts as a canvas. I build up layers, using various different materials, creating texture and depth, giving a three dimensional feel. Many of my paintings, feature textured wild grasses, with accents of gold and silver.

I love to play with colour, and sometimes this will dictate the composition of a painting. I always have my camera to hand which allows me to capture a moment in time. I am never short of inspiration as I live in rural Sussex where I am surrounded by beautiful countryside, with the South Downs on my doorstep. I generally work from my own photographs that I have taken and enjoy putting my own interpretation on a natural scene, giving it a contemporary feel.

I work from my studio at the Turner Dumbrell Workshops in Ditchling, East Sussex. I currently exhibit and sell my work through Whitewall Galleries which have branches all over the UK.

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