Posted by: bluesyemre | April 26, 2020

Taiwan Citation Index – Humanities and Social Sciences (TCI-HSS)


Taiwan Citation Index – Humanities and Social Sciences (TCI-HSS) is coordinated and built up by National Central Library, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Ministry of Science and Technology and Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center (STPI). The main object is to establish a comprehensive index platform for academic researchers and public users in the cross discipline of the Humanity and Social Science in Taiwan.

The Citation analysis and reports in TCI-HSS is based on the contents of Taiwan Social Sciences Citation Index (TSSCI) and Taiwan Humanities Citation Index (THCI). With the data merging by STPI, TCI-HSS is able to provide the citation analysis among academic references and scholarly papers, which can provide indicators as the quality of national academic and research performances.

TCI-HSS currently includes Humanities and Social Sciences journals, National Digital Library of Theses and Dissertation in Taiwan, monographs with specialized citations contributed by domestic and overseas professionals. To help users understand and learn comprehensive referencing network, building up academic and primary references with diversified search criteria is the prioritized purpose of TCI-HSS.

Other functionalities provided by TCI-HSS are listed as follows:  Crossing- disciplines-index service platform  The analysis of bibliographic indexes refers to cited and citing references.  A major database and citation index in humanities and social sciences field.  The main reference for academic organizations and research institutes.

TCI-HSS currently finished the integrated framework of index database system, and keeps expanding functionalities and set up retrospect data in the system. For this sake, the beta version of TCI-HSS is temporarily provided for users before the finalized version. Any recommendation for TCI-HSS is open and welcome for continuous improvement. Please refer to our contact information if any suggestion.

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