Posted by: bluesyemre | April 30, 2020

GWI Coronavirus Research | April 2020 – Multi-market research wave 3


Today marks the ninth release of our dedicated research into the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the global consumer landscape.

In the first and second waves of our multinational research, we investigated how behaviors and sentiments were changing across markets. This third wave of research, fielded in 17 countries between April 22 – 27, shows us how that picture is evolving.

With some countries hoping to enter into the recovery phase, we take an updated look at the themes previously covered, along with post-outbreak expectations. Here’s a taste of what we found:

  • There is near universal support for brands to keep advertising: 84% of consumers either strongly approve, approve or are impartial to “advertising as normal”. This rises to 96% in favor of advertising that provides “practical information” around the pandemic.
  • Almost 50% of consumers don’t plan to return to shops “for some time” or “for a long time”, rising to 60% when it comes to outdoor events.
  • Over 40% say they will shop online more frequently after the outbreak, with free, reliable delivery being highly valued.

Read the full report here: Coronavirus research | Release 9: multi-market research wave 3

As always, this data is freely accessible to all and can be found on our research hub. You will also be able to analyze it in more detail on our platform. Non-users can sign up for a free account and will have access to the entire study.

GWI Coronavirus Research April 2020 – Multi-market Research Wave 3

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