Posted by: bluesyemre | May 5, 2020

#OpenAIRE #COVID19 Gateway


The COVID-19 Open Research Gateway is OpenAIRE’s response to enable the scientific community to discover research from different sources around Europe and the world. Knowing that COVID-19 epidemic will soon be in the past, we expect that research around the topic will be here to stay for a long time: different types of data from different domain disciplines will be produced to be used in research and in policy making. Having a single access point, a Gateway, as a result of collaborative data and knoweldege is important, especially as this is driven by open science practices.

In a nutshell: The OpenAIRE COVID-19 Gateway aims to aggregate COVID-19 records (publications-data-software-other research outcomes), link them together and provide a single access point for their discovery and navigation. We will tag content from the existing scholarly communication infrastructure (10,000+ data sources) and identify and furrther aggregate additional sources as these become available, especially via our collaboration with (European) disciplinary research infrastructures and international alliances. All COVID-19 related research results will be linked to people, organizations and projects, later on with services and facilities, providing a good overview and cross-disciplinary navigation of the related research eco-system.

How it works:  The COVID-19 Open Research Gateway is an entry point to scientific products (publications-data-software-protocols-etc.) related to the epidemic (disease, virus) and all future research around it (e.g., social). It aggregates bibliographic data for research data and publications coming from relevant and authoritative sources worldwide, research products COVID-19 related and uploaded to Zenodo with suitable licenses, and research outputs available in the OpenAIRE Research Graph.

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