Posted by: bluesyemre | May 9, 2020

#StayAtHome or #DanceWithUs @nanaotafrija

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The Ghanaian pallbearers have become the most explicit cultural icons of this pandemic. They are cultural icons of death and dying. In a new video, they warn you to stay inside, lest you wish to dance with them in death.

These Ghanaian pallbearers’ ascent into not just internet fame, but also a real pandemic bogeyman, has been incredible to watch. This meme originally had nothing to do with COVID-19, but as a death centric meme that rose to popularity during the pandemic it’s now hard to seperate the two. The pallbearers themselves seem to be into the joke, and enjoy it, having appeared on local television and been featured on BBC Africa. They were even featured on a Brazillian billboard in April with the grim caption, “Stay home or dance with us.” In a new video, the pallbearers have leaned into their new role as harbingers of death.

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