Posted by: bluesyemre | May 13, 2020

Why should you be using #RFID for #Library inventory (#VLOG)

Why should you be using RFID for your inventory?

RFID is Faster than Barcodes
RFID delivers Increased Efficiency
and Reduced Labour Costs

Library Inventory is essential to
– Identify missing items
– Ensure accuracy of your catalogue records
– Quickly align your shelves with your LMS
– Assess the effectiveness of your security systems

However, by taking inventory without RFID you could be wasting valuable resources.
The findIT p-series is the most powerful RFID wand on the market, delivering unprecedented reading speeds.
Collect all information from just one pass of each shelf.
Complete simultaneous inventory and searches, thanks to dual-sense alerts.

For faster, simpler, more efficient library inventory;

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