Posted by: bluesyemre | May 18, 2020

Northwoods Frog Call Phenology (Cable Natural History Museum)

Spring and Summer in 22 seconds! In this animation, eight common species of frogs (including a toad!) give their calls through the season. Wood frog, boreal chorus frog, spring peeper, northern leopard frog, American toa, Gray treefrog, green frog, and bullfrog. See if you can identify each species as it joins the chorus. This animation is part of a MuseumMoible lesson for first graders. Soon you’ll be able to see photos of the frogs and listen to their individual calls at:… (although this page is still in development won’t be live until May 6, 2020 or so.) The phenology is based off Figure 1 on page 8 of this document:….

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