Posted by: bluesyemre | May 19, 2020

#SariSchorr – Ordinary Life (Dedicated to the extraordinary people of New York City) @SariSchorr


Our Ordinary Lives

The story of “Ordinary Life” is a story of hope seen through the eyes of everyday New Yorkers doing their best to live ordinary lives. It’s a story of resilience and strength. A story that belongs to us all.

“Ordinary Life” has clearly resonated with many people around the world as views of the video continue to surge. There were over 50,000 views as of this morning.

When I set out to make the video, it was to overcome the challenge of being grounded in New York, unable to tour. The idea was that if I couldn’t reach my fans, I could invite them to my world through scenes of an isolated New York City in lockdown. But, everything changed the moment a solitary man walked across the screen. I realized the story I wanted to share was how ordinary people were making the best out of what they could not change.

“Ordinary Life’s” original message of gratitude and appreciation for life’s simple moments throw a spotlight on everything we had taken for granted before the pandemic.

Life will go on. Things will be different because we are different. I for one, will be more grateful for an Ordinary Life.

Sending love,
Sari x

✦ Dedicated to the extraordinary people of New York City ✦

Ordinary Life written by Sari Schorr, Henning Gehrke, Bill Alexander
Filmed & Edited by Sari Schorr

For more info please contact: Alan Robinson/Manhaton Records: arm [at]

Covid-19 changed the world as we know it. These extraordinary times have pushed us far from the normality of our ordinary lives. But the weight of uncertainly has been mixed with an opportunity for introspection and a deeper appreciation for the simple things in life. I hope this video will resonate with you.

Filmed with an iPhone 7 Plus
Edited on a MacBook Pro in Final Cut X

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