Posted by: bluesyemre | May 25, 2020

#Biking the #Arnhem – #Nijmegen Cycle Superhighway

Unless you live under a rock and don’t ride a bike, you know that the Dutch have some of the best bicycle infra design on this Earth of ours.

While attending the Velo-city 2017 conference in the Netherlands I got to ride (3 times!) the Arnhem-Nijmegen Cycle Superhighway. Imagine being able to bike 18km (about 11 miles) between two medium-sized cities in your country and not have to stop once for cars?

It is just one of a few cycle superhighways in the region. I brought my camera along on one group ride and got to chat with Sjors van Duren, the Program Director for Velo-city 2017, about what makes it so unique and safe. What makes it peaceful. What makes it fast (or actually slow, depending upon your mindset!)

Oh, and there is a bit of redundancy. You see there is already an existing route between the two cities of Arnhem and Nijmagen. It’s perfectly safe and usable. But it does have many junctions where you need to stop for lights or other road inconveniences. I actually got lost on one of my excursions and got directed by a local to the wrong “slower” route. I took some footage while on it which I may post later which will give you a real laugh: the route is still stellar and one I would welcome with open arms here in NYC!

So click for the tour. You’ll want one! Immediately after I predict lots of campaigning to start for cycle superhighways!

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