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#Saz (A musical journey by #StephanTalneau with #PetraNachtmanova)

SAZFILM: Yetenekli müzisyen Petra Nachtmanova kendini keşfetmek için Berlin’den başlayarak Anadolu’dan Horasan’a kadar uzanan haftalarca süren bir yolculuğa çıkar, yolculuk boyunca tek bir soru sorar: “Bana eve götüreceğim bir türkü öğretebilir misiniz?”. Sırtında da efsanevi çalgı vardır: Bağlama.
SAZFILM: In a personal quest for meaning, brilliant musician Petra Nachtmanova will travel for weeks on the roads from Berlin, through Anatolia, all the way to Khorassan in search of the origins of her string instrument, which she discovered in Kreuzberg. She will be always asking one question: “Can you teach me a song you think I should bring back home?”. On her back, the legendary instrument: a Saz
Discovering the secrets of a legendary instrument from Berlin all the way to Khorasan. Documentary: Release 2019

Petra Nachtmanova


– Documentary / Belgesel – 97min –

Following the secrets of the SAZ from Berlin to Iran / Berlin’den Horasan’a sazın gizeminin peşinde
Zeybek is a dance particular to the Aegean region and its bandit culture. Originally played on Davul and Zurna it was adapted for Bağlama (Saz) and has become a separate style of playing. This unhappy love story from a male perspective is a song by Saz player and singer Hisarli Ahmet from the region of Kütahya.
Film By Stephan Talneau
Sound by Florent Chaintiou from Nadanadi Studio

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