Posted by: bluesyemre | May 26, 2020

Society of Young Publishers reopens London mentorship scheme


The Society of Young Publishers London branch is reopening its mentorship scheme for 2020, with a host of professionals from across the trade ready to share their knowledge.

Open for applications from 25th May, the six-month scheme will run from July to December and is open to anyone living in London and the wider south-east.

The scheme is split into streams, with the first — SYPinto — aimed at people not yet working in the industry, and featuring mentors including Audible commissioning editor Victoria Haslam, Bloomsbury senior designer for Harry Potter Helen Chapman and Madeleine Milburn agent Catherine Cho.

A second stream, SYPahead, is open to junior professionals already working in a publishing role but looking to take the next step or promotion. Mentors signed up include Molly Ker Hawn from the Bent Agency, HarperCollins digital commissioning editor Hannah Todd and Foyles bookseller Gary Perry.

The third stream, new for this year, is SYPlaunch, which aims to inspire, support and motivate those who are looking for alternative roles in the industry with a focus on entrepreneurship and freelancing. Brand specialist Natalie Jerome is signed up as a mentor along with Aimee Dewar of Aimee Dewar Content & Social Media.

SYP London chair Elle Brenton-Rounding explained: “Over the last few years, we have seen first-hand how beneficial our mentorship scheme is for both the mentees and their mentors alike, with many mentees then going on to secure publishing jobs throughout the industry in a wide range of roles.

“This year, the mentorship schemes will go further and include mentors from audio, operations, bookselling and scouting, to name but a few. Publishing has a role for everyone in so many different ways, and it’s also because of this that I am delighted we have created our new stream, SYPlaunch, for those looking to launch their freelance career or their own company, or perhaps change their career path in a way that is non-traditional.

“These people are an important area of our industry, and it’s time to support those who are thinking of going it alone. Across all three streams, we look forward to receiving applications from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, and encourage applications from those in the south not necessarily living in London but instead in places like East Anglia or the south coast.”

The Society of Young Publishers

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