Posted by: bluesyemre | June 28, 2020

Names for people who #read a lot


  • Reading horse (Danish)
  • Ink drinker (French)
  • Read-rat (German)
  • Library mouse (Romanian)
  • Book flea (Indonesian)
  • Bookworm (English)
  • Igi ìwé (book tree) Yoruba
  • bookworm in Danish (bogorm)
  • in Italian: “topo di biblioteca”
  • In Portuguese is the same: “rato de biblioteca”
  • The library mouse! (Șoarece de bibliotecă)
  • Bookworm /book insect in Chinese 书虫 (shuchong)
  • 书虫 is a loan word from English. The Chinese one probably should be 书痴 (book addict) or 书呆子 (with slight negative meaning)
  • 책벌레 bookbug (Korean)
  • Book swallower (Welsh)
  • It’s book moth in Hungarian
  • Book catepillar (Finnish)
  • Book moth, book swallower, study horse (if reading a lot for study) (Swedish)
  • Reading maggot in Finnish
  • Book moth in Polish
  • Same in Czech – knihomol
  • Book insect (Hindi – kitaab ka kida)
  • Bookeater (βιβλιοφάγος) in Greek
  • Book rat in Lithuanian
  • Letters-wounded (Catalan)
  • Bookslut in Paraguay
  • Word-fiddler in Ukraine
  • Page mage in Zamgrebia
  • Word wasp in Tropeqque
  • Reading larvae in Finnish
  • Kitaabi keera (book insect-Urdu)
  • Bookworm in Turkish
  • Raamatukoi – Book Moth – Estonian
  • In Tamil language, (hails from South of India, in Tamil Nadu), it’s புத்தக புழு. Romanised Tamil: Puththaka Puloo. Meaning, bookworm


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