Posted by: bluesyemre | July 19, 2020

6 types of #innovation archetypes by #B2BMarketing @MarketingB2B


Global keynote speaker Carla Johnson shares the six different archetype personalities to consider within a business. Which one are you?

Breaking down silos is more important than ever. We often see departments stay within their team and job description confines. However, by sticking with these job titles, it often creates barriers and can prevent your organisation from coming together in a collaborative effort.

Carla Johnson challenges this by identifying archetypes that exist within a business, rather than job titles. She challenges marketers to see beyond the ‘role’.

Carla says: “Archetypes, on the other hand, are behaviours that are natural to all of us. It’s just how we show up in the world. So a role is a behaviour, based on a specific position, and the other is behaviour that’s very natural to us. Now, this is important as we look at building our B2B marketing teams.

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