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Global Index Medicus


The Global Index Medicus (GIM) provides worldwide access to biomedical and public health literature produced by and within low-middle income countries. The main objective is to increase the visibility and usability of this important set of resources. The material is collated and aggregated by WHO Regional Office Libraries on a central search platform allowing retrieval of bibliographical and full text information.

Regional Indexes Medici

African Index Medicus (AIM)

In order to give access to health information published in or related to Africa and to encourage local publishing, the World Health Organization, in collaboration with the Association for Health Information and Libraries in Africa (AHILA), has produced an international index to African health literature and information sources.

The need for improved access to what has been published on health issues in African countries has long been felt by researchers, development agencies, health administrators and planners both inside and outside the continent. Very few African health and biomedical information sources are included in the world’s leading bibliographic databases and there is a wealth of untapped information in books, reports and studies from international development agencies, nongovernmental organizations and local institutions.

Index Medicus for the Eastern Mediterranean Region (IMEMR)

The Index Medicus for the Eastern Mediterranean Region, one of the major projects of the Virtual Health Sciences Library, was initiated in response to a pressing need to index health and biomedical journals from the Region. The vast majority of these journals are not currently indexed internationally or abstracts provided. Mapping regional health and biomedical literature will increase its exposure at national, regional and global levels. The Index Medicus is a unique tool for indexing, abstracting, recording, archiving and sharing regional health information.

Index Medicus for the South-East Asia Region (IMSEAR)

Index Medicus for South-East Asia Region (IMSEAR) is an archive of selected publications in health sciences in the WHO South-East Asia Region. Materials in IMSEAR include formally published health science journals, health reports and documents. Items in IMSEAR are organized under categories, sub-categories and collections reflecting type of materials, countries and journal titles. In addition to metadata of each item, original full text documents or links to original documents are provided whenever available.

Latin America and the Caribbean Literature on Health Sciences (LILACS)

LILACS is the most important and comprehensive index of scientific and technical literature of Latin America and the Caribbean, contributing to increase visibility, access and quality of health information in the Region.

The Latin-American and Caribbean System on Health Sciences Information aims to cooperate with the development of research, education and attention in health in Latin-America and Caribbean, ensuring that the technical and scientific information produced nationally and internationally and be accessible to the community and to the health professionals.

The System is coordinated by the Pan-American Health Organization through BIREME, a specialized center that was created to develop OPA’s program of information in health sciences.

The Regional System is a product of the national systems integration, whose structure predicts a National Coordinator and a decentralized net of Cooperative Centers composed of health libraries and documentation centers.

The Information Centers of the Pan-American Health Organization’s seat, in Washington, the PAHO’s regional specialized Centers and the Documentation Centers, located in Representations in several countries, also belong to the System.

Using Lilacs Methodology, the countries that integrate the Latin-American and Caribbean System of Health Sciences Information create national and local databases and cooperate with the modernizing of LILACS databases, contributing with the bibliographical control and the dissemination of the technical and scientific literature of the Region, in the technical cooperation model established by the Virtual Health Library.

Western Pacific Region Index Medicus (WPRO)

The Western Pacific Region Index Medicus (WPRIM) is the regional bibliographic index of medical and health journals published by the Member States of the Western Pacific Region. This is the Region’s contribution to the Global Index Medicus (GIM) initiative which aims to extend to all the benefits of the knowledge that is essential to the fullest attainment of health. WPRIM allows free, public access to research and publications that may not be available through other popular medical indexes.


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