Posted by: bluesyemre | August 3, 2020

The age of #influence (How #COVID-19 has propelled brands into the era of influencer marketing)

age of influence

Across virtually any commercial touchpoint, consumers increasingly want things on their own terms, suited to their own preferences. As researchers and marketers, our discussions around this simple fact have largely revolved around product features, advertising, and recommendations. But there’s a more qualitative aspect of personalization at our disposal. How do you personalize how someone perceives and relates to your brand on a deeper level? In a world where culture changes rapidly and new emerging interests can crop up beneath our radars in a flash, influencer marketing offers important ways of staying in tune with consumer expectations through the personalities at the heart of these cultures. Throw in a global health crisis which has thrust brands even closer to consumer needs, and it’s not difficult to see why influencer marketing is becoming even more relevant by the day. We’re extremely pleased to partner with Influencer to understand influencer marketing’s role in the future marketing landscape, drawing insights from our commissioned research, combined with previous coronavirus research to quantify and track major shifts in the consumer landscape

The age of influence (How COVID-19 has propelled brands into the era of influencer marketing)

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