Posted by: bluesyemre | September 10, 2020

City of Newcastle unveils high tech #library in final stage of council’s shift to Stewart Avenue

City of Newcastle’s manager libraries and learning Suzie Gately, lord mayor Nuatali Nelmes and manager customer experience Deborah Moldrich inside the new digital library and customer service centre.

A LIBRARY billed as the state’s most technically advanced will open in the City of Newcastle’s west end premises on Monday.

The council’s $2.8 million digital library will include a podcasting studio, an interactive digital wall, a programmable robot (pictured) and an industrial 3D printer.

More than $2.1 million of that funding came from the sale of the former Newcastle School of Arts in 2015.

Borrowing and returning is fully automated, with stock focused on new titles while older titles can be ordered. The automation is expected to allow library staff to focus on digital learning.

The design also allows the library to convert into a council chamber twice a month for regular council meetings.

Lord mayor Nuatali Nelmes said the ground floor design would complete the council’s move from its King Street administration centre, which was sold in 2018.

“I’m very pleased to be able to invite the community into this digital space, which completes our transition from the Roundhouse, the old Council administration building which was sold in 2018 and is now just months from becoming the city’s first five-star hotel,” Cr Nelmes said.

Manager customer experience Deborah Moldrich said her team was looking forward to sharing the new ground floor, which will include a customer service hub and a concierge service, with the public.

“We are the first point of contact for the community and we think they’ll love the new, modern digital amenities just as much as we do,” Ms Moldrich said.

The council is urging customers to use phone and digital channels as well as cashless payment where possible due to the pandemic.

Pepper the robot.
Pepper the robot

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