Posted by: bluesyemre | September 27, 2020

Yanlış Kullanılan İngilizce Kalıplar #DemetTuncer #ingilizcepratik #ingilizceöğren

Yanlış kullandığımız bazı kalıplar, söylemler…

1- Tell to me ( TELL ME )
2- Say me ( SAY IT TO ME )
3- Ask to me ( ASK ME )
4- Married with him ( MARRIED TO HIM ) TO BE MARRIED TO
5- laughing at someone – Birine gülmek
6- Laughing with someone – Biriyle gülmek
7- Angry to me ( TO BE ANGRY WITH SOMEONE )
8- What is your age ( HOW OLD ARE YOU )
9- What do you say? ( WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT )
10- What is your name ( Demet …..) :-))
11- Children – KIDS
12- To cheer someone up – Neşelendirmek
13- To be fed up – Burasına kadar gelmek!

Senin de listen varsa paylaş…
Kocaman sarıldım, iyi ki varsın yahu!!!

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