Posted by: bluesyemre | October 2, 2020

OpenStax (Flexible textbooks, peer-reviewed, openly licensed and 100% free)

Improving access, learning, and our world.
As a leading research university with a commitment to unconventional wisdom, Rice University generates innovative research, excellent teaching, and creative contributions for the betterment of our world. OpenStax supports this vision by improving access to high-quality education for students everywhere.

A revolution in education
OpenStax breaks down barriers to knowledge and education with its free, high-quality, openly licensed textbooks integrated with personalized learning technology. And it advances students’ learning outcomes while conducting foundational research on how students learn through their use of machine learning.

OpenStax is nurturing a ‘learning generation’ of students and teachers. Their mission to create equity in education and conduct unprecedented research on the human mind and how it learns will catalyze a new, more effective way to educate students everywhere.

I am a proud believer in their work. OpenStax is just getting started, and there is much to do. Please join me as a supporter.

Ann Doerr

OpenStax Advisor

Rice University Board Trustee and Alumna

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