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The black and white film of a snowball fight (Bataille de neige #LouisLumière) in France in 1896 is colorized

A black and white film capturing a group of men and women having a snowball fight in France in 1896 has been brought back to life in color for 21st century audiences.

The footage, which was originally filmed by famous Lumière brothers Auguste and Louis, was quickly edited on YouTube before being colored by Joaquim Campa, 42, of Barcelona, ​​to give it a modern feel.

The original French film Bataille de boules de neige, also known as Snowballing, was a silent short film that depicted a group of individuals playing in the snow on a street in the city of Lyon.

A group of men and women have a snowball fight on a street in the city of Lyon, France, in 1896. Cyclist riding a bike in chaos loses balance and falls on the road after being hit by a snowball.

The original black and white film, titled Battle of Snowballs in French, was filmed by Auguste and Louis Lumière

During the clip, the revelers, dressed in winter coats and hats, pick up snow on the city streets and throw snowballs into the air.

A passing cyclist is hit by a flying snowball and falls off his bike after losing control.

Mr Campa, who works as a human resources manager for a mobile games company in Barcelona, ​​said he used DeOldify artificial intelligence software to restore images in just 15 minutes.

He told MailOnline: “I used the AI ​​software called DeOldify, created by Jason Antic, an American developer, to color the images.

“It only took 15 minutes because the software is automatic. It’s one of my hobbies.

“When my wife and kids are sleeping, I research photos and videos and color them. Most of my job is to color the photos of my city.

He added, “I decided to do it because I love history and technology. “

In 1895, the Lumière brothers, Auguste and Louis, among the world’s first filmmakers, invented a cinematograph, which allowed an audience of more than one person to see a film in motion for the very first time.

The cinematograph was an immediate success – and the brothers eventually went on tour with a series of ten French short films, each lasting around 50 seconds.

The device was used by the brothers to film the original Snowballing short on 35mm film which has become standard.

It was among the first films ever to be created and followed The Horse In Motion in 1878, Roundhay Garden Scene in 1888, and The Arrival of a Train 1895.

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