Posted by: bluesyemre | November 1, 2020

UNNUR (#ElliThorMagnusson #Documentary)

Elli Thor Magnusson is an Icelandic photographer, surfer, and former kayaker. A decade ago Elli nearly drowned under a waterfall while kayaking a challenging Icelandic river. The near death experience became a catalyst for personal growth and his professional career. After walking away from kayaking, a newfound passion for surfing and the birth of his daughter Unnur gave him a new perspective worth living for.

Directed by: Chris Burkard
Assistant Director: Ben Weiland
Written by: Matt McDonald
Director of Photography: Jeff Taylor
Executive Producers: Matt Parnell, Evan Slater
Produced by: Mike Sandifer, Chris Burkard
Story by: Ben Weiland, Chris Burkard, Matt McDonald
Cinematography: Ben Weiland, Jeff Taylor, Chris Burkard, Egill, Sal D’Alia
Drone Operators: Chris Burkard, Ben Weiland
Water Cinematography: Ben Weiland, Chris Burkard
Editors: Dave Phelps, Ryan Espinosa, Jeff Taylor, Ben Weiland
Music Licensing: Ryan Espinosa, Mike Sandifer
DIT: Matt Foley
Still Photography: Matt Foley, Chris Burkard
Set PA: Matt Foley
Sound Design: Jan Bezouska
Colorist: Dave Phelps
Graphic Artists: Ben Weiland, Kyle Kerr, Riley Brown
Surfers: Heidar Logi

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