Posted by: bluesyemre | November 17, 2020

I talk to #AngusYoung about the AC/DC legacy, guitars and PWR⚡️UP (#AndersBøtters Tiny TV)

This is the full Tiny TV Angus Young interview!
Made for Tiny TV and a coming AC/DC podcast for The Danish Broadcasting Corporation.

Angus Young is a true living legend, a humble guitarhero and just a lovely man! We speak about the AC/DC legacy, his first guitar and guitar amp, his favorite AC/DC riffs, the fond memories of Malcom Young, how Highway To Hell was conceived and of course the new PWR⚡️UP album!

A huge thanks to Sony Denmark and Sony Australia for setting everything up.
Massive thanks and big love to Tania Baagø for the making and interior decoration of the new “Tiny Loft Studio” .

All graphics by the unbeatable master: Allan Tonning //
Edit and grading by: Nis Boye Møller Rasmussen
Everything else by me, myself and I

A Tiny Media Production, 2020.

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