Posted by: bluesyemre | November 21, 2020

Motherhood in Focus (#NetflixFamily)

To the working moms in Hollywood, the moms who direct and act and produce and shoot, the moms who bring unforgettable stories to our screens: We see you. Keep leading like a mother, hustling like a mother, and showing everyone what a mother can do.

Senda Bonnet
Rachel Bloom
Saudia Butler
Lindsey Meyer Clough
Kat Coiro
Bridget Savage Cole
Marta Cross
Lara Everly
Melissa Fumero
Kanya Iwana
Marie Jamora
Kara Kaplan
Danielle Krudy
Jaika Lara-Quirt
Princess McKinney-Kirk
Layla Mettistane
Rachel Morrison
Whitney Saxton
Meena Singh
Kristin Slaysman
Destinee Stewart
Siyou Tan
Nicole Whitaker

Director – Lara Everly
Producer – Jessica Stamen
Co-Producer – Virginia Melin
Writer – Eliza Arnold
DP – Senda Bonnet
Editor – Libby Cuenin
Assistant Editor – Alyssa Carroll
Music – Chad Fischer

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