Posted by: bluesyemre | November 23, 2020

Minimalist TONE factory #BluetoothTurntable hits the perfect note

TONE factory, founded by three young austrian designers, started with the mission to create a turntable that was not only affordable and easy-to-use but beautifully designed as well. their first turnable hits the perfect note. its compact, sleek and almost floating design might appear minimal yet its functionality is anything but. its bluetooth technology connects digitalized sound with any enabled headphone or speaker whilst additional cables can connect it to a classic hi-fi system. the device is a simple solution for vinyl beginners and analog enthusiasts alike; it really is the best of both worlds.

the design of the TONE factory bluetooth turntable balances as a minimal yet standout piece within the home. its super flat, square plinth – carefully made from CNC-engineered MDF – seems to float above the surface whilst adorning either a black, white or green finish. a simplistic, high quality acrylic dustcover aims to protect the surface in a most subtle appearance. the whole device is designed in austria and handcrafted in the czech republic.

its compact aesthetic was only possible thanks to the team rethinking every single part of a classic turntable, together with engineers from pro-ject audio systems. the motor, bluetooth module and phono stage is stored inside a circular aluminum base hidden in the center beneath its slim, square plinth. it also doubles as the structural base. on top, the platter is just thick enough to make lifting up the vinyl possible. the one-piece tonearm is super lightweight to confidently control. it is finished with a cartridge co-developed by danish manufacturer, ortofon.

hidden underneath the colored plinth, users are able to intuitively find the switch to turn bluetooth on or off. a discrete light illuminates to confirm a connection. it can be linked to any enabled headphone or speaker to make the turntable super flexible to use around the home. the vinyl can even wirelessly play through your google home. alternatively, users are still able to enjoy records traditionally. the product comes with cables to connect to your classic hi-fi system.

the TONE FACTORY bluetooth turnable finds the perfect note between the digital and analog worlds. its two set-up possibilities ensure it is user-friendly to all vinyl fans – and the sound delivers in high quality in both instances. all the user needs to do is place the vinyl, switch on the belt-drive, and place the turnarm. the belt-drive can easily change between 33 or 45 RPM records with another hidden switch next to the one for the bluetooth.

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