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Best #books of 2020 by #TheGuardian

A teenager’s nature diary, the race for a vaccine and the return of Lyra … books have been vital in getting us through the year. Guardian critics pick 2020’s best fiction, poetry, politics, science and more…


Best books of 2020 - Fiction

Hilary Mantel, Ali Smith and Tsitsi Dangarembga completed landmark series, Martin Amis turned to autofiction and Elena Ferrante returned to Naples – Justine Jordan picks the best novels of the year, including a host of brilliant debuts.

Read the whole list:Best fiction of 2020

Children’s books

Best books of 2020 - Children’s books

Imogen Russell Williams on an excellent wintry fantasy, a pair of young detectives, the return of Lyra and Pan – plus picture books and poetry for everyone.

Read the whole list:Best children’s books of 2020

Crime and thrillers

Best books of 2020 - Crime and thrillers

From hard-hitting debuts and gritty mysteries, to a cosy caper and a swashbuckling maritime puzzle, Laura Wilson picks the best crime and thrillers by the likes of Tana French, Stuart Turton, Rumaan Alam and more.

Read the whole list:Best crime and thrillers of 2020

Science fiction and fantasy

Best books of 2020 - Science fiction and fantasy

From Kim Stanley Robinson to Diane Cook, Adam Roberts considers a year where visions of a climate emergency-ravaged near future came to the fore.

Read the whole list:Best scifi and fantasy of 2020

Memoir and celebrity books

Best books of 2020 - Memoirs and celebrity

Fiona Sturges selects the best memoirs, including Caitlin Moran, Raynor Winn and Deborah Orr, as well as searing revelations and sparkling anecdotes from Mariah Carey, Matthew McConaughey and Michael J Fox

Read the whole list:Best memoirs and celebrity books of 2020


Best books of 2020 - Politics

Gaby Hinsliff picks the best books about politics and politicians, including biographies exposing the inner demons of Boris Johnson and Donald Trump, some quality David Cameron gossip – and why Germans do it better.

Read the whole list:Best politics books of 2020


Best books of 2020 - Ideas

How to succeed at failing, guides to anti-racism work, a fun journey towards the apocalypse, and human nature – good or bad? Steve Poole shares the best books about big ideas.

Read the whole list:Best ideas books of 2020


Best books of 2020 - Sport

Huw Richards picks a clear-eyed look at grassroots football, hard-hitting memoirs from a world champion kickboxer and a leading female rugby player, and more.

Read the whole list:Best sports books of 2020

Nature and science

Best books of 2020 - Nature and science

Katy Guest looks at the books published in a year where science became big news: guides to dealing with future pandemics, the human side to Stephen Hawking and a data-led argument for global women’s empowerment. And Patrick Barkham picks five remarkable nature books, including teenager Dara McAnulty and the follow-up to Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris’ The Lost Words.

Read the whole list:Best science books and best nature books of 2020


Best books of 2020 - Poetry

Rishi Dastidar marks a year of excellent collections, including Clive James’s joyous farewell, sounds of the city from Caleb Femi, and outstanding debuts from Will Harris and Rachel Long.

Read the whole list:Best poetry collections of 2020

Comics and graphic novels

Best books of 2020 - Comics and graphic novels

An award-winning tale of rival ice-cream sellers, a migrant Syrian family’s experiences of the US and a superhero in drag are just some of the highlights selected by James Smart.

Read the whole list:Best comics and graphic novels of 2020


Best books of 2020 - Art

Kathryn Hughes picks titles about Andy Warhol, Artemisia Gentileschi and Lucian Freud, plus a clear-eyed view of London’s changing landscape.

Read the whole list:Best art books of 2020


Best books of 2020 - Food

Mouthwatering pastries, simple one‑tin bakes, a new Ottolenghi and a rapturous account by Nigella … Meera Sodha shares the best recipes and food writing to transport you around the world.

Read the whole list:Best cookbooks and food writing of 2020

Stocking fillers

Best books of 2020 - Stocking fillers

Justine Jordan selects five little treasures to liven up your festive giving, including a history of Essex girls and the new David Sedaris collection.

Read the whole list:Best gift books of 2020

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