Posted by: bluesyemre | December 6, 2020

Greenbeats (Percussion entertainment)

Greenbeats was founded in 2007 by Timm Pieper, a well-known professional composer and arranger for percussion and marching bands in Europe, as well as highly demanded music instructor. 

It all startet as a music school ensemble for young, talented musicians and has now, over a period of more than thirteen years, developed into an extraordinary group of experienced and passionate artists, united in a remarkable live drumshow.

Their „an evening with“ concerts are usually sold-out within hours.

Notable appearances in the past have been for example the European tour with Swiss superstar ‘DJ Bobo’ (2017) with a total audience of 260.000 people, a collaboration with the ‘Symphonieorchester Osnabrück’ (2014) playing additional percussion arrangements to classical masterpieces, appearances in famous German TV shows ‘ZDF Fernsehgarten’ (2018, 20% viewing rate) and ‘Carmen Nebel’ (2018, 12% vq) or at the 40th anniversary of the Federal Environment Office (2014).

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