Posted by: bluesyemre | December 16, 2020

The Revelstoke Diaries (Full Film 4K)

Holmlands are proud to present “The Revelstoke Diaries” – as we go behind the scenes of the ski town of Revelstoke in British Columbia, Canada.

Nestled in the heart of British Columbia, Revelstoke was originally founded in the 1880s when the Canadian Pacific Railway was built in the area – where the railroad still plays an integral part of the township.

Renowned for it’s high annual snowfall, the development of Revelstoke Mountain Resort in 2007, has since transformed the small town into a global mecca for adventurers.

A traditional and hardworking mountain town, with stunning natural scenery all around and endless outdoor activities, The Revelstoke Diaries focuses on the people that make the place.

We speak with Canadians who reflect different aspects of mountain life – and are proud to call Revelstoke their home – seeing how the community is united by their own passion for adventure and love for the great outdoors.

Taking a different perspective to traditional ski films; we speak with a local train diver, professional adventurers and environmental activists, a retiree, an entrepreneur, musicians, an artist, a police officer, a night groomer and more…

The Revelstoke Diaries aims to encapsulate the essence of life in this stunning and remote adventure paradise through the gaze of the local.

Featuring, Chris Pawlitsky, Greg Hill, Izzy Lynch, Bill Pollock, Kelsey Adam, Mark Baron, Shred Kelly, Leah Allison, Faron Ling, Kristy Whale and Gnorm the Powder Gnome.

This short film is also complimented by a nine episode web series, with extended footage from each interview.

With special thanks to our supporters from Revelstoke, Revelstoke Mountain Resort, Somewon Collective, Sutton Place Hotels, Big Eddy Glass Works, Revelstoke Powder Rentals and Protect Our Winters Canada.

TheRevelstokeDiaries #Revelstoke #BritishColumbia #Canada #Holmlands

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