Posted by: bluesyemre | December 21, 2020

#JoeBonamassa Life in Six Strings with #KylieOlsson (3 Parts)

In this episode Joe Bonamassa chats to Kylie about his new album, ‘Royal Tea’, life growing up and being bullied and how the guitar saved him, technique and how you need to make your own rules when it comes to your playing. He also pulls out a few of his favourite guitars from his collection…

In part 2 of Kylie’s Joe Bonamassa Interview he shows her his 1960 Gretsch, which he played on his new album, Royal Tea. He also shows her the holy grail of the Les Paul, a 1960 Les Paul previously owned by Tommy Bolin and 1960 Telecaster which was owned by John 5 and came with the original paper work signed by Ernie Ball.

In Part 3 Joe Bonamassa chats to Kylie Olsson about how Alice In Chains influenced his new album, Royal Tea, she gets him to play the riff for ‘Why Does It Take So Long’ and they discuss what is the ‘real’ Blues and more.

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