Posted by: bluesyemre | January 18, 2021

Pre-war city of Germany in 1936, Dresden Documentary (4K, 60Fps colorized, AI recovery)

Hey, this is DGSpitzer! Recently I colorized and upscaling a 1936 short documentary about the city Dresden in Germany! The whole 12-minute clip shows many places of Dresden and quite a few look different these days.
I also added SFXs and compose the background music. It took me 2-month to finish this documentary, hope you like it~

Thanks to my friend René Schulte to help me for the English translation, here is his channel:
Original video clip from SLUB Dresden / Hirsch Filmarchiv filmed by Dr. Gerhard Schneider in 1936 👉…

For the AI restoration projects, I’m using DAIN, DeOldify, DeepRemaster and Video Enhance AI.

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