Posted by: bluesyemre | January 27, 2021

Returning to travel & events 2021 Outlook Report

Innovatis Group surveyed over 1,000 technology professionals to understand the impact Covid-19 will have on 2021 travel and events.

Key Findings:

  • Most people (66%) expect to be back in office by Q2
  • Only a small number (9%) believe they won’t return to the office in 2021
  • Many companies are taking conservative stances on travel by not lifting bans until Q2/Q3 2021
  • Two key dependencies for increased travel are a decrease in cases and vaccine distribution
  • Most people won’t feel confident attending large events until the end of 2021, so smaller local events may pick up in Q2/Q3
  • Virtual events will be prominent for the first half of 2021, then gradually shift to in-person the latter half of the year

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